How does hairloss work?
Typical complaints like thinner hair and balding are caused by the hormone called Dihydrotestosteron (DHT). Hair specialists call this phenomenon “male pattern baldness”. Research has concluded how hairloss originates. The cause is a hardening of collageen. A person without hairloss has supple collageen, and someone who has the beginning signs of baldness has hardend collageen. The hardend collageen blocks the hairroot. This vital process is broken and sufficates the hair.

Research dermatologists
Dermatologists in Holland have done research the last 10 years in the effect of hardend collageen. They came to the following solutions.
  • Higher testorterone production
  • inadequate bloodflow
  • stress
  • bad nutrition
The result is hardend collageen
What does this mean?
Hardend collageen has as effect that your hair falls in a shortend growing phase. The result is a faster aeging process of teh hairsack. And after a few years this will result in baldness.

Can this process be stopped?
Yes, hairfusion is the remedy that stops this proces. It will neutralize DHT and your hair will come back. The ingredients of Hairmedical stop the transition of testorterone to DHT. And lowering the DHT will stop the hairloss.When the DHT finally reaches a low enough level the natural hairgrowth will restore itself. New hair will develop from restored hairsacks and will eventually change to long and thicker hair.

How to use and what to expect.
Take 2 tablets every day with sufficient water. Within a few weeks after you start with Hairmedical you will notice that your hair will feel thicker, stronger and fuller. Within 2 to 5 months excesive hairloss will stop. This could already be enough for men that just started balding.

Which substances can be found in Hairmedical

Per 2 tablets% ADA
Panthothenic acid (vitamin B5)200mg33,33%
Calcium (as calcium carbonate)68mg6%
Vitamin C30mg50%
Fulvic Acid4mg*
Folic Acid0.8mg400%
Iodine (as Kelp)150mcg100%